Trump called the response duties of China cruel

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The US President Donald trump called brutal acts of China on the introduction of retaliatory duties on agricultural products, affected American farmers.

«China is targeting our farmers, which they know I love and respect, as a way to get me to continue to allow them to benefit from the United States. They are cruel in this, it will be their failed attempt. We were friendly — until now! China earned 517 billion on us last year!» said trump on Twitter.

Earlier, the Ministry of agriculture announced that the administration of Donald trump will allocate up to $ 12 billion to the farmers of the United States, to protect them from the consequences of a «trade war». The plan includes the purchase of surplus production and direct assistance to farmers, especially producers of soybeans. At the request of the Minister of agriculture Sonny Perdue, assistance does not require congressional approval and will be allocated from the funds of her Department.

The US imposed import duties on goods from EU, China and some other countries that used its own measures. So, China and Canada have imposed retaliatory duties on agricultural products from the United States, in particular, of those States who supported trump for the presidential elections of 2016.

Trump called the response duties of China cruel© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podwyzki neither himself Nor the people