Arrested in Italy former Senator Krivitsky refused extradition

© Photo : Council Of The Federation Of Pdmitry Krivitsky. Archive photoArrested in Italy former Senator Krivitsky refused extradition© Photo : Council of the Federation

Arrested in Italy, ex-Senator Dmitry Krivitsky refused voluntary extradition to Russia, where he is wanted on charges of corruption, told RIA Novosti his lawyer, Mauro Ametrine.

«He refused the offer of the court on voluntary extradition. We have requested his release, this issue will be resolved in a week at the next meeting,» said the lawyer.

According to him, Krivitsky sought asylum in France a year ago and the French side told him that his movement around the EU is not limited according to the Geneva Convention.

«He didn’t know that (his) relation to the subject of an international arrest warrant, and did not know that it wants to delay,» said the lawyer, noting that the decision on granting refugee status will be considered in France in November. «We will resist, he was sent to Russia», — concluded the lawyer.

At the end of March, the police of the Novgorod region has declared wanted the former Senator from region Dmitry Krivitsky accused of receiving a bribe of 15 million rubles.

As explained RIA Novosti the representative of the regional Department of the Ministry of interior, former Senator from the Novgorod region Krivitsky’s wanted on the basis of a court decision.

According to the Novgorod district court, in early March, made the decision on correspondence arrest Krivitsky, representing the Novgorod region in the Federation Council since December 2011 to September 2016. This decision is made on the petition of regional investigatory management.