Book for August: «the myth of the» Stephen fry and the «Kingdom of Agamemnon» by Vladimir Sharov

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Pogotov Girl in the library. Archival photoBook for August: «the myth of the» Stephen fry and the «Kingdom of Agamemnon» by Vladimir Sharov© RIA Novosti / Alexander Pogotov

A documentary novel about the struggle for survival in the open ocean «At the mercy of the elements» Tami Oldham-Eshkraft, «doves anarchist» Oleg Ermakova, ironic retelling of the Greek stories are «Myth» Stephen fry and the variation on the theme of classical tragedy in the «Kingdom of Agamemnon» Vladimir Sharov expect readers in August.

«In the power of the elements»

About 35 years ago American Tami Oldham-Eshkraft along with her lover, Richard sharp went on a trip on a yacht across the ocean. Nothing boded trouble, both times went under sail, earning a living that were pushing the yacht to their new owners. On the fourth day the pair caught up with a storm of tremendous power, which overturned the boat: Tami was below deck, Richard was gone. When he awoke the girl had to find your own way to shore, to fight for survival for forty days. The tragic story formed the basis of the autobiographical novel «In the power of the elements», which was published in 1998 and instantly became a bestseller. In Russian it was first published in the publishing house «Azbuka-Atticus».

«Doves anarchist»

Smolensky writer Oleg Yermakov made his debut in literature nearly thirty years ago with a collection of «Afghan stories», it reflects his experience in the Afghan war, which he later called «inhuman entity». The events of that time he returned also in the novel «the mark of the beast», trying to understand their work experiences.

The main characters of his recent works, in particular, of the book «the rainbow and Heather» are not soldiers, but ordinary people – photographers, travelers, bloggers, the author chooses his native Smolensk, periodically taking the reader to the expanses of old Russia. The novel «the Pigeon book anarchist», published in publishing house «Time», continues the story. Ermakov returns favorite characters, adds a new and sensitively responds to the current realities.

«Both books will be of interest to those who are not indifferent to the history and modernity. As if these indifferent people there? In my opinion, one way or another are interested in it all… me thinking about freedom, about war, violence, cruelty and love, it’s definitely interesting,» — said Ermakov in an interview.


British actor, writer and playwright Stephen fry needs no special introduction in its creative account many roles in movies and TV series, scoring seven volumes of «Harry Potter», children’s fairy tales and English translation of «Eugene Onegin» as well as writing your own satirical novels such as «Liar» and «Hippopotamus».

In a new book called «the Myth», which is published in the publishing house «the Phantom the Press», fry offers his sarcastic retelling of the Greek legends. «This book is playful, beautiful, rich in epithets, Balauresti and meticulous in detail. And as always, fry is in love with what he writes, he’s not slipping into clowning… This is a great way to get into Ancient Greece. But at the same time and how to have fun, plunging into the style of fry, wondering in horror and laughing with him», — noted in press service.

«Kingdom Of Agamemnon»

Writer and historian Vladimir Sharov in the world of Russian literature known for a long time: his first novel, «footprints: a Chronicle of one kind in thoughts, reviews and key dates» was published in 1991 and reprinted several times, however, like his other works. In the books Sharova history meets fiction, and before the eyes of the reader is a huge variety of characters from different eras. New novel, «Kingdom of Agamemnon» comes nearly five years later with the triumphant «Return to Egypt», which brought the author the first years of creativity award «Russian Booker».

The action of the book, published by «Edition Elena Shubina», takes place in the twentieth century and comes to present day; the plot becomes the story of the family of the philosopher and of the monk Nicholas Estkowskiego. «In many ways, the narrative is a reflection of classical tragedy, and the main characters feel like heroes of ancient Greek myth,» — said the press service.