Coca-Cola to raise prices because of U.S. tariffs on aluminium

© AP Photo / Jeff Sue the Coca-Cola companyCoca-Cola to raise prices because of U.S. tariffs on aluminium© AP Photo / Jeff Chiu

The world’s largest manufacturer of soft drinks, American Coca-Cola, forced to raise the price of their main beverages in connection with the increase in metal prices after the US imposed import duties on aluminum, which produces cans for beverages, told CNBC CEO James Quincy (James Quincey).

«Duties on metals — one of the factors because of which we were forced to announce price increases in the middle of this year,» he said.

«We had with our partners who are engaged in the bottling of beverages in bottles, to increase product prices in the middle of the year that’s relatively unusual,» added Quincy.

In March, the US imposed import duties on steel and aluminum in the amount of 25% and 10% respectively. In relation to the EU and some other countries the duty came into force in June. The US justified their moves on national security grounds.

Almost all countries that have new duties, said on the preparation and introduction of the response. In particular, the EU imposed additional duties of 25% on the import of certain goods from the United States.