Damages in the case of fraud in NPO Lavochkin amounted to 330 million rubles

© AGN «Moscow» / Kirill Zykovo them. The Lavochkin. Archival photoDamages in the case of fraud in NPO Lavochkin amounted to 330 million rubles© AGN «Moscow» / Kirill Zykov

Damages in the case of fraud in JSC «Scientific-production Association named after S. A. Lavochkin» amounted to 330 million rubles, reported on the website of the UK.

General Director of NPO Sergei Lemeshevsky — the Deputy of Moscow region Duma, head of the Directorate of legal support of the same enterprise Catherine Averianova and Chairman of the law firm «Tretyakov and partners» Igor Tretyakov accused of fraud in especially large size.

«(It is about Approx. ed.) embezzlement of funds of the state Corporation «Roscosmos» by concluding fictitious contracts with the law firm «Tretyakov and partners» for rendering of legal services, which in reality was implemented by regular staff of the legal Department of the NGO», — said the Agency.

Earlier it was reported that NPO Lavochkin, as well as at home Lemeshevsky and Averianova were searched, the suspects were detained.

Tretyakov disappeared and is declared in Federal search.

The case was filed on Friday. Then began the searches at the head of the Institute of Roscosmos — TsNIIMash.

In the near future will consider the petition for arrest of the accused. All of them faces up to ten years in prison.

On the background of what is happening in Roscosmos said that it would conduct additional checks against the leaders of the industry.

The situation around the TsNIIMash

On Friday in TsNIIMash — head of the research Institute of Roscosmos — were searched in the case of high treason. The FSB believes that the Institute «merged» secret data on hypersonic research. Charged 74-year-old scientist Victor Kudryavtsev, who, according to the investigation, gave information to one of the NATO countries.

How many people is a criminal case, it is not clear, but the scandal has already cost the post of Director-research and analytical center of Roscosmos, Dmitry Payson. He resigned shortly after he was searched. But in a criminal case, he, according to the state Corporation, held as a witness.

On Monday, Roscosmos said that a case of treason in TsNIIMash for the events of five years ago, and the leadership Institute at the FSB.

Experts say the increased interest of Western countries to Russian developments. So, the head of the Center for the study of public applied problems of national security Alexander Zhilin believes that the current Russian weapons are actually zero perspective of development, which Western partners are planning to implement. This, according to him, explains the «panic and desperately sloppy work of intelligence.»