«Drilled head and joints»: the «famous» Bryansk IR, where they killed a prisoner

© RIA Novosti / Tabyldy to Kadyrbekovna in fotomontagen in a penal colony«Drilled head and joints»: the «famous» Bryansk IR, where they killed a prisoner© RIA Novosti / Tabyldy to Kadyrbekovna the image Bank

Beatings, torture, extortion and murder — penal colony № 6 in city of Klintsy of the Bryansk region for several years regularly appearing in the criminal news reports. Recently it became known that there was another state of emergency: the officer had tortured a prisoner to death. That happened in a punishment cell, and why convicts sixth IR repeatedly raised the revolt in the material RIA Novosti.

Sadistic methods

As reported by RIA Novosti source, killed 58-year-old Eugene, Petrachenko, came to the colony for theft and is no different exemplary behavior. In the cooler this time he was sent after he was locked in the infirmary, threatening to slit her wrists. In the detention center that day was Deputy operations duty officer, 33-year-old major Ivan Marshall.

«For his blond hair, the prisoners called it sour Cream. Marshall served in the Caucasus, he loved to show the strength and beat the prisoners with great joy. In short, a sadist, tells RIA Novosti, the human rights activist Stanislav Kachevskii, previously serving a sentence in the institution. — In General, in a punishment cell had been inhuman conditions: periodically burst into a riot and beat people, 24 hours a day at full speed blaring music. Man some days there could easily go nuts».

It is judicial-medical examination has established that the employee was tied up and strangled prisoner with a rag. «A criminal case under article 286 of the Russian criminal code «Excess of powers of office with application of violence and special means, and also causing of heavy consequences», — have informed RIA Novosti in the SU TFR in the Bryansk region.

Marshall arrested and have been indicted. The next two months he will spend behind bars. Took up investigation Department of the SU TFR in the Bryansk region. «Currently a prison officer dismissed from service, — explained the RIA Novosti news in the local FPS. — The decision on its dismissal will be accepted only after sentencing.»

In a correctional institution is staffed by investigators, prosecutors and human rights activists.

The torture conveyor

From penal colony № 6 a long time bad reputation. «In 2013-2014, there runs the activists — prisoners who cooperate with the administration. They ate what they wanted, quietly walked the grounds of the facility with phones, and the heads all turned a blind eye, continues Kachevskii. Asset, including one of the members of Kushchevskaya gang engaged in extortion from businessmen convicted of fraud. Moreover, the amounts reached several million. Those who refused to pay were tortured: drilled with screws and joints of the head, pulled out the pliers teeth, broken ribs. I worked in the infirmary and personally assisted the victims.»

The constant bullying led in March 2014 to revolt. More than 20 prisoners in protest opened a vein. The colony was raided by the Commission from Moscow. Check over the suspension of the head of the institution Dmitry Milokost, and excitation of several criminal cases under articles «Extortion in especially large size» «Causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death».

In August of 2016 in the colony were again riots: prisoners severely beat 14 activists, they break their jaw. The victims were loaded into a paddy wagon and taken from the colony.

Power roof

«Do not forget that people in jail under sentence of court and for them the criminal lifestyle is perfectly natural. If they are free to commit crimes under the guise of officials or law enforcement, then in the colony many continue to do the same. Only under the auspices of the administration — explains the behaviour of the inmates, the Deputy of the PMC in Moscow Anton Tsvetkov. — As for the FPS, it is due to low salaries professionals leave. Are not the best shots. There is also the factor of professional deformation — the criminal environment, of course, affect the guards.»

Recall: last week, investigators took from six employees of the Yaroslavl correctional colony No. 1 after the publication of a video of torture of the prisoner, recorded in June 2017. Department of the TFR in the Yaroslavl region opened a criminal case on abuse of office and handed it to the Central office of the Ministry.

© Photo : Federal service of execution namasayarahsia colony № 6 UFSIN Rossii po bryanskoy oblasti«Drilled head and joints»: the «famous» Bryansk IR, where they killed a prisoner© Photo : Federal service of execution namasayarahsia colony № 6 UFSIN Rossii po bryanskoy oblasti

On Wednesday five suspects in the torture of two months was taken into custody. The fate of the sixth will be decided in the coming days.