Experts: breast-feeding up to 2-3 years can save from cancer

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Russians on average feed their babies until 8 months old, experts recommend to do this up to 2-3 years to strengthen the child’s immunity and prevention of cancer in mother, but because of the social problems young mothers before you have to go to work and to wean baby from the breast, told RIA Novosti experts.

According to the world health organization in Russia a little over 42% of children under 3 months are exclusively breastfed. For comparison, in Canada, about 51% of children are exclusively breastfed up to 4 months, and in Turkey, approximately 41.6% of children receive only breast-feeding up to 6 months. US data show that breastfeeding up to 4 months, there are 33.1% of the children.

The head of Department of organization of medical aid to mothers and children, Professor, Department of neonatology, post-graduate education of Russian national research medical University. N. And. Pirogova Irina Soldatova said that the average Russian moms feed their babies up to 8 months, in comparison with other countries we have the figure below.

«In other countries more priority to breastfeeding, there are mainly 1-1. 5 years. We have less. It depends on what we do not have jobs. Many mothers immediately go to work, not be breastfeeding. The priority of breastfeeding is not well covered in the media, and in obstetric institutions,» explained Soldatov.

Use not discussed

The benefits of breast milk, according to neonatologist, is not even discussed, because it contains all trace elements needed for a child.

«It is definitely psychological comfort, immunological protection, it is the most natural allergen free product for a child, and it gives everything you need, including psychological, cognitive, and psychomotor development,» said Soldatova.

Pediatrician Larisa Egorova said that the mother’s breast milk can protect the baby from infectious diseases.

«If the mother suffered rubella, measles, chickenpox, all these antibodies get through breast milk to the child. They do not last forever, eventually they collapse, and the child can get sick, but for the first time they defend. Of course, this protection against all intestinal infections. Therefore, it was believed in Russia that you cannot leave to feed the baby in the summer because in the summer, as a rule, more than any intestinal infection», — said Egorov.

Breast milk, according to pediatrician immediately absorbed into the blood through the intestine, as it contains essential for digestion of enzymes, the child’s body do not need to waste their strength in order to process milk. Once in the intestine of the child, it mechanically absorbed through the intestinal wall into the blood.

In addition, breastfeeding has a positive effect on child’s intelligence, as it contains substances that are aimed at the development of thinking skills.

To breast feed, according to experts, mothers need 2-3 years. «After three it is not necessary, because there is already a differentiation, he is aware of your gender, boy or girl, and then the mother, the breast, his Oedipus complex will be formed. A maximum of three» — said Yegorov.

Preventive Oncology

The benefits of breastfeeding are not only for baby but for mother. This process gives the mother health of the organism, the psychological relationship with the child, his understanding and emotional comfort explained Soldatov.

«When the mother is breastfeeding is prevention and maintain its reproductive functions. It prevention of gynecological, endocrine diseases, mastitis. Now almost every ninth woman has the disease of mastitis. This increases the risk of developing breast cancer, which is the first in our country, among of death and disease in women,» said Soldatova.