In the Metropolitan detention center are planning to introduce yoga classes

© Photo : Federal penal service of Russia in Mosquitonet yoga in SIZO-6 in MoscowIn the Metropolitan detention center are planning to introduce yoga classes© Photo : Federal penal service of Russia in Moscow

The experimental yoga of prisoners held in Metropolitan detention center-6. It is anticipated that these sessions will become a regular in all detention centers of Moscow, will conduct their teachers from yoga Federation.

The initiator of the project was the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow public oversight Commission (POC) eve Markachev, it was supported by FSIN. As told RIA Novosti Markachev, prisoners often complain of the inability to play sports due to the limited square footage. In some facilities there are specially-equipped gyms, but they do not always have the opportunity to get because of the queues.

«In such cases we have recommended the prisoners to pay attention to yoga. For classes don’t need much space, they effectively support the body in the form of shortages of fresh air, and vitamins,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

To help inmates to develop yoga techniques, it was decided to develop a special booklet, «Yoga for prisoners,» which was written by well-known trainer Alexey Merkulov and eve Markachev. According to human rights activist, in the near future the manual will print and circulate among prisoners, including that available in the libraries of the Metropolitan detention center.

«The FSIN has supported our initiative, and it was decided to hold the full-time professional coaches,» said Markachev. According to her, has an agreement with the Federation of yoga that classes will be able to maintain their instructor. While it is planned to conduct lessons on a monthly basis.

For the first time in jail

SIZO-6 UFSIN in Moscow became the first prison in Russia, where he began conducting yoga classes with the instructor. Before yoga began to explore the convicts in Omsk region, but there it is taught in the colony. In Moscow, classes will be available too for only of convicted persons in economic units of the jail. This is due primarily to the fact that on visits to remand is necessary to obtain the permission of the investigator. «That is, to teach in the chamber for 30 people, we would have to get permission from thirty different investigators,» said Markachev.

The experimental class was held on Thursday morning. It was attended by seven of the convicted girls and two young men. Coach Merkulov drew attention to the fact that yoga is good, in that the individual elements such as breathing techniques, can be performed without interrupting daily activities, which is important in terms of imprisonment.

«The prison is first and foremost in the human mind, so it is important to change yourself, to relax and to be free from the internal shackles that helps to do yoga,» said Merkulov.

Prison chief Andrew Shubin, in turn, has told that now in hozotryad insulator contains 57 people. Despite the eight-hour day, each convicted person has 2-3 hours of free time. One time in class can take up to 70% of prisoners. After the pilot classes, the institution’s management will collect feedback convicts and decides to continue lessons in the future. While Shubin expressed confidence that those who continue to be, as yoga is a «rest for the soul and body.»