In the state Duma introduced a draft of the new opportunities the purchase of firearms

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka in photobacteria examines samples of weapons. Archival photoIn the state Duma introduced a draft of the new opportunities the purchase of firearms© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka the image Bank

A group of Duma deputies has submitted for consideration the lower chamber the draft law, which proposes to extend the possibility of entitlement to the possession of firearms in Russia, from database GD.

«In order to support producers and stimulate the development of shooting sports, including competitions in practical shooting, suggests changes in the first part of article 3 of the Federal law «On weapons», — stated in the explanatory note to the document.

The proposed changes, in particular, eliminate legal uncertainty regarding the question of length of tenure of the civil smooth-bore firearms that are required to acquire the right to possession of such a weapon with a rifled barrel.

«The current rule provides for a continuous record of ownership. In this regard, the bill specifies grounds, upon the occurrence of which the citizen has the right to acquire civilian firearms, long-barreled weapon with a rifled barrel», — explained in the document.

As noted by one of the authors of the project, the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Gutenev, given the specifics of the shooting sports and the significant deterioration of hunting weapons, high class sportsmen and hunters, if you have the appropriate identity, the opportunity to purchase up to 10 firearms with a rifled barrel and a smoothbore long-barreled weapons.

«At present, the maximum possible number of units of the civil smooth-bore weapons possess about 20 million people who are potential purchasers of a greater number of such weapons,» — said Gutenev told reporters.

According to him, this innovation will allow not only to increase sales of civilian long guns without compromising public safety, but to increase the production of domestic manufacturers, having more than 100 thousand units of the weapon.