MIA got a new insurer is deprived of a license

© Fotolia / Andrey PopovДевушка reading documents with a magnifying glass. Archival photoMIA got a new insurer is deprived of a license© Fotolia / Andrey Popov

The government has identified «VTB Insurance» sole provider of life insurance and health of employees of the interior Ministry of Russia in 2018-2019, says the government order, published on the official portal of legal information.

In late may the Central Bank revoked the licences of «Central insurance companies» that cooperated with the interior Ministry. As it turned out, the insurer does not comply with the requirements of financial stability and solvency.

In the press center of the interior Ministry later told RIA Novosti that the leadership of the Ministry the situation is taken under special control. As told in the press center, «taking all the necessary measures for the observance of social guarantees for employees of internal Affairs bodies».

Released the government order solved the problem. «To determine the only by carried out by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in 2018 or 2019 purchase of services on mandatory state insurance of life and health of employees of internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation, OOO «Insurance company «VTB Insurance»», — the document says.