Miners in Transbaikalia promised to pay salaries in next few days

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in photobanks workersMiners in Transbaikalia promised to pay salaries in next few days© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

The salaries of miners on hunger strike in Transbaikalia, intend to transfer within three-four working days, told RIA Novosti CEO Eugene Rogalev.

All work has suspended 92 employee «Darasunskiy Rudnik», more than 80 of whom went on hunger strike on 24 July. Nine of them were hospitalized.

«Today the meeting was in the administration, held Vice-Premier of the government Alexander Kulakov, it is known that the payment order in the «PSB» is generated, the payment must go through 27 July, the payment for may must be received in the beginning of next week. This was reiterated by the Prosecutor’s office,» said Rogalev.

According to him, on Friday in the region must fly with the owner of the company, with his participation, scheduled another meeting.

Shortages of salary at the enterprise which the former owner «Yuzhuralzoloto» after the protests of the miners sold the company «Urutkan» in 2017, started in January, fully the payments stop in may. The debts of the collective are in the order of 35 million roubles. In relation to the management of the mine initiated two administrative proceedings for non-payment of wages. The regional authorities have connected the events with a complete change of the command «PSB», lenders of the group of companies «Urutkan». In turn, «Promsvyazbank» declared that has never financed the project «Darasunskiy Rudnik» group of companies «Kurumkan», and works with the factory Darkhan the same enterprise, but is ready for constructive dialogue.