Russians have told, whether they’re trying to find a replacement for imported drugs

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotobanka. Archival photoRussians have told, whether they’re trying to find a replacement for imported drugs© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

Russians who buy imported drugs or not trying to find a replacement among the Russian medicines, or find analogues only a small number of drugs, according to the research of holding «ROMIR», which is available to RIA Novosti.

In the survey of the holding took part 1.8 thousand people aged from 20 years to 60 years, living in all types of cities in all Federal districts. The sample thus represents the adult economically active population of Russia.

«Only 8% of respondents who prefer medicines from abroad, were able to find the replacement of imported drugs,» the study says. Compared with the survey of 2017, the share of such answers decreased threefold, from 24%.

At the same time increased the number of those respondents who could not replace a domestic no foreign drug. This year, this answer was given by 11% against 7% a year earlier. In addition, 21.5% of respondents (previous year — 24%) said they were able to find a replacement for only some of the medicines, as many (18%) found the counterparts to a small number of simple medicines.

«Most respondents — 38% — said that not trying to find a replacement, since, in principle, prefer imported products. It should be noted that the number of such respondents compared to last year increased significantly. In 2017, we chose this answer only 27%,» — adds «ROMIR».

Is it possible to find a replacement

The research holding suggests that the increase in the proportion of respondents who are not trying to find a replacement for imported drugs, may be associated with the discussion the idea of limiting the import of drugs from a number of countries in the framework of the law on counter (he was adopted in early June), as well as the fact that in the final version of the law, such prohibitions are not included.

«It is obvious that against the background of these discussions the greater the number of people in advance trying to find a replacement for the usual drugs. However, after the item was excluded from the draft document, the need for it anymore,» said the President of «ROMIR» Andrey milehin, whose words are in the message of the holding.

Milekhin also indicated that the survey data indicate an alarming for the Russian manufacturers trend. «Those who tried to switch to domestic production of medicines, during this search he was disappointed in their quality», — said the President of the holding company.

Thus, according to «ROMIR», only 4% of trying to find Russian equivalents of the medicines now consider them to be of higher quality than foreign. While a year ago this answer was chosen by 17% of respondents.

The number of those who believe the best foreign medicines, and increased to 59% from 23%. The proportion of respondents believing that the quality of imported and domestic drugs the same way, on the contrary, decreased to 36% from 60%.

The opinions of Russians about whether they would be able to do without imported drugs in case of interdiction, were divided. Thus, 35% of respondents believe that those medicines from abroad is necessary, in the case of restrictions there would be problems. Another 33% said that difficulties might arise, and 32% believe that for most, nothing would have changed, since the replacement of imported drugs it is easy to find.