Scientists believe that Mars may be many lakes with liquid water

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Mars may be many lakes with liquid water, hidden by soil or ice, but the question of their habitability speculative, head of the physics of planets and small bodies of the Solar system, Deputy Director of the space research Institute Oleg Korablev.

In the journal Science it was reported that with the help of the Marsis radar installed on the interplanetary station of the European space Agency, «Mars Express», the researchers found at the southern pole of the lake, a width of about 20 kilometers, which is covered with a thick ice cap.

«It was believed that Mars has subsurface ground water and possible global aquifer, but still he was not able to detect. The discovery is the first lake of liquid water on Mars. On the surface the open lake can not exist, because it immediately evaporates, but covered with ice, as in this case — can. It is not excluded that such things are in other places, but to detect them is very difficult, because the radio signal from the satellite is not as good penetrates into the ground as we would like,» — said Korablev RIA Novosti.

According to him, the opening can be fully trusted, because the data was rechecked.

«On Earth there is a similar lake – lake Vostok in Antarctica, located under the ice and not in contact with the surface of the planet. With regard to the salinity of the lake, there is nothing to say about it can’t. With regard to its habitability, it is quite a speculative issue,» — said the source.