Shares of Facebook have lost more than 20% after the publication of the quarterly report

© AFP 2018 / Lionel BonaventureЛоготип social network Facebook. Archival photoShares of Facebook have lost more than 20% after the publication of the quarterly report© 2018 AFP / Lionel Bonaventure

Shares of social network Facebook on Wednesday lost 20 percent after the publication of the quarterly report of the company, appeared worse forecasts of experts, follows from the data of the auction.

In the course of trading shares have lost up to 24%.

After the closure of the major US exchanges Facebook reported an increase in quarterly net profit to 5.12 billion dollars (1.74 USD per share) compared to 3.89 billion dollars (1.32 us dollar per share) a year earlier.

Meanwhile, revenues reached to 13.23 billion dollars, while experts expected 13.34 billion. Disappointed participants of the market and the company forecast revenue growth – according to top managers of the company made during telephone conference with investors in the next few quarters it will increase by about 30%. In addition, the company expects increased costs related to ensuring the privacy of user data.

In March 2018, around Facebook scandal: it became known that the British firm Cambridge Analytica through its application in the social network collected user data. The leak may have affected 87 million users. It is assumed that these data could be used during the election campaign in the United States in 2016 and a referendum on British exit from the EU (Brexit), and that based on the data collected the researchers measured the political preferences of voters and showing them ads that directly fall into the zone of their interests.