Slutsky about «Crimean Declaration»: the state Department is trying to demonstrate a tough approach

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotoreceptor Committee of the State Duma on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky. Archival photoSlutsky about «Crimean Declaration»: the state Department is trying to demonstrate a tough approach© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

Publication of the U.S. Department of state Declaration of non-recognition of the Crimea is an attempt to demonstrate «continued hard-line approach» on the background of statements about the softness of the US President Donald trump at the summit in Helsinki this document is intended for the domestic American audience, the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky.

On the eve of the US state Department has published a «Crimean Declaration,» in which Secretary of state Mike Pompeo reiterated that Washington does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia and did not lift sanctions imposed over the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia. The aim of the Declaration is a formal codification of U.S. policy towards Crimea.

«The initiatives of these repeat each other absolutely mirror image, such as «Crimean Declaration» could take a year or two ago — have it or not, Washington’s position is absolutely clear,» — said Slutsky on a press-conferences on Thursday in response to a request to comment on the «Crimean Declaration».

According to him, there is no novelty in this document is not in the position of the state Department, nothing has changed. And the Declaration may be adopted in order to compensate for the opinions of some American politicians or experts who, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, estimated that the trump spineless behaved in Helsinki, said the Deputy. So, assume he’s in Washington decided «to once again reaffirm its position in this case — in the Crimea, in order not to give offense to the President».

«Probably this is done in order to compensate for American society, in particular, the establishment position is that trump in Helsinki almost played up to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. So decided to demonstrate his continued hard-line approach. To do this, from their point of view, obviously, is the best suited Crimean dossier», — said Slutsky.

In his opinion, such steps generally totally destructive, ignore the position and arguments of Russia. «Therefore, on the principle of «the more of us among them, the less they are among us» — our opponents in this case, we will explain further its position», — said the politician.

«Although relations with the US are at the lowest point of its trajectory in recent decades, at least, parliamentary diplomacy is slowly coming back… And I hope that we will not stop,» he said.

Slutsky about «Crimean Declaration»: the state Department is trying to demonstrate a tough approach© Vitaly Podicipedidae plate