The Ministry of defense reported about the shelling of Israeli territory by militants*

© AP Photo / Nasser IshtayehИзраильские military. Archival photoThe Ministry of defense reported about the shelling of Israeli territory by militants*© AP Photo / Nasser Ishtayeh

The shelling of Israeli territory on Wednesday was from positions of militants «Islamic state»* (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), the retaliation of the terrorists and rocket launchers were destroyed, according to the Ministry of defense.

According to authorities, 25 July, at about 21.30, the militants*, trying to provoke a strike by Israeli troops on positions of the Syrian army fired missiles at Israel from the area of the settlements NAFA and Sagara.

«Exact retaliation aircraft and artillery of the army of defense of Israel all the terrorists of ISIS* and rocket launchers, were promptly destroyed», — stated in the message.

«The command of the Russian forces in Syria, according to established channels of communication expressed gratitude to the leadership of the army of defense of Israel for the destruction of militants and the prevention of major provocations of terrorists», — stated in the message.

Between Russia and Israel in the autumn of 2015 is a communication mechanism that is intended to protect their troops from accidental collisions and other dangerous incidents for operations in Syria.


The sirens on the Israeli-controlled part of the Golan heights work because of rockets fired in Syria, say Israeli military.

They suggest that the launch was made during the fighting between Syrian government forces and the opposition.

«There were launched from Syria towards Israeli territory», — stated in the message press service of the army.

Aviation and artillery strike

The Israeli air force attacked in Syria, installation, issued earlier Wednesday, across the border two rockets, said the army press-service.

«In response to two rockets fired into Israeli territory from Syria, the aircraft attacked the installation, where they were launched. The surrounding area was shelled by artillery,» — said in a press release.

Crossing the border, the two missiles that supposedly fell into the lake Kinneret — the largest freshwater reservoir in the country and a popular vacation spot.

Syrian plane

On Tuesday it became known that the defense of Israel shot down a Syrian plane. The Israeli military, Syrian fighter two kilometers went into controlled airspace as a Jewish state.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Damascus has flagrantly violated the agreement on disengagement between Syria and Israel from 1974.

«We will not tolerate any such violations, as well as «spillovers» on our side fighting on the ground or in the air,» — said the politician.

The Syrian military, in turn, claim that the aircraft was performing a combat mission against the terrorists and did not cross the border.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia