Uber and Cabify has suspended work in Barcelona because of attacks by taxi drivers

© REUTERS / Albert the GeaУчастник strikes of taxi drivers in Barcelona kicks the car, working with the service Uber. 25 July 2018Uber and Cabify has suspended work in Barcelona because of attacks by taxi drivers© REUTERS / Albert Gea

The drivers of road transport services Uber and Cabify has decided to suspend its work in Barcelona for an indefinite period because of the attacks of official taxi drivers, which happened Wednesday.

This was announced by the Association of entrepreneurs Unauto VTC, which is responsible for ensuring the licensing of vehicles for hire with drivers (VTC). The Association stated that the work would be suspended until «the normalization of the situation».

Wednesday began a two-day strike of taxi drivers in Barcelona, joined by drivers in other cities. The reason — judicial decision on the suspension of restrictions on the issuance of licenses the type of VTC (vehicle rental with driver, they are Uber and Cabify). During the day in Barcelona has been at least two attacks on Uber cars, and in one of them there were tourists from France, including a child. In addition, during protests, clashes occurred between security forces and taxi drivers.

«For the sector VTC most importantly the safety of drivers and passengers. As a result of attacks organized by radical groups, we have decided to temporarily suspend the services until such time until the situation is under control», — stated in the message Unauto VTC. The Association also demanded that the authorities apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

In mid-March, the taxi service Uber has resumed in Barcelona after a hiatus of nearly four years. The company said it will provide its services through UberX drivers must have a license VTC — car that can be rented with a driver. The drivers should be registered as individual entrepreneurs. This type of license is much cheaper than the official taxi license.

On June 26 the authorities of Barcelona approved a quota of 30 licenses of taxi drivers should have to license VTC. In addition, according to this decision, in addition to the license, drivers must have permission of the Urban Institute for a taxi.