UOC said the beating of a radical journalist, and the threats to the Bishop

© AP Photo / Sergei ChuzavkovАктивисты of the Freedom party during a demonstration in Kiev, Ukraine. Archival photoUOC said the beating of a radical journalist, and the threats to the Bishop© AP Photo / Sergei Chuzavkov

Official website of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reported that about 30 people with symbols of the Ukrainian nationalist party «Freedom» on Wednesday, beat up the chief editor of the newspaper of the city of Borzna of Chernihiv region, published an article about an Orthodox youth camp, and officials of the district administration Borznyanskiy forced to write letters of resignation. According to the UOC, from the representatives of «Freedom» was also made threats to the ruling Bishop of the diocese of Nizhyn of the UOC Archbishop of Rome.

The incident occurred in the district administration building.

«About 30 people with symbols of «Freedom» have attacked the chief editor of the local newspaper «News of Borznyansky» Sergey Bliznyuk and administration staff. The main «fault» of the victims was that in the local newspaper «News of Borznyansky» published an article about the rest of the Orthodox summer camp for youth «On the sea of Galilee», hosted by the diocese of Nizhyn of the UOC, more than 100 children from Chernihiv region», — stated in the message.

The attackers struck the journalist blows to the head and forced to write a letter of resignation. Under the threat of physical violence of resignation has also written Borznyanskiy Deputy Chairman of the regional administration Alexander Maximov and two other employees.

«On the eve of the representatives of the VO (all-Ukrainian Union — ed.) «Svoboda» received threats in the address of the ruling Bishop of the diocese of Nizhyn of the UOC Archbishop of Rome. And on 21 July, a group of drunk men who called themselves representatives of this political force, broke into the territory of children’s camp in Boznanska area, but miscalculated, because the kids went home the day before. On the same day the attackers of «Freedom» intimidation tried to force local carriers to refuse to provide service vehicles to the faithful of the UOC to travel to Kiev on July 27, the procession, threatening to burn the buses,» — said in the UOC.

In the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has repeatedly stated that officials EN masse to block participation of the faithful from different regions in the prayer service on Vladimir hill and the procession on July 27, banning, for example, carriers to go to this day, the route to Kiev. The authorities are trying to support the holding of the procession of the schismatic Kiev Patriarchate: «on July 28, the organization of buses to participate in the celebrations of the «Kievan Patriarchate» is responsible for the local administration», noted the UOC. The feast of the Baptism of Russia is celebrated day of memory of Prince Vladimir (July 28). In Ukraine, the main celebrations will be held on 27 and 28 July.

According to the Ukrainian media since the beginning of 2014 in Ukraine killed about 20 journalists. Among them Oles the Elder, who wrote for the site ria.ru he was shot outside his house in Kiev. Newspaper journalist Sportanalytic Igor Kostenko was shot during the protests on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square) in Ukraine’s capital. Unsolved for nearly two years remains the murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet, who on 20 July 2016 undermined in own car in the center of Kiev. In addition, in the light of hostilities in the Donbass photographer MIA «Russia today» Andrey Stenin, a photojournalist of the newspaper «Today» Sergey Nikolaev, and also employees of VGTRK Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin.

The head of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine Serhiy Tomilenko said that the Ukrainian authorities do not provide adequate protection for journalists and «have learned to create a beautiful picture, which is hidden behind the impunity of» actions against the media.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the faction «the Opposition bloc» Yuriy Pavlenko noted that the lack of proper protection of journalists and harassment of media workers in Ukraine threaten democracy in the country.

Ukrainian journalists have written an open letter to the authorities in which he demanded from the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to protect the freedom of speech in the country. The letter was signed by about 60 journalists, among them journalists, «Era-media», TV channel «inter», «112 Ukraine», NewsOne, TV channel «Ukraine», Internet edition «Strenia» and the newspaper «Vesti».