Zuckerberg has lost nearly $ 17 billion because of the falling shares of Facebook

© AFP 2018 / Gerard JulienГлава Facebook, mark Zuckerberg. Archival photoZuckerberg has lost nearly $ 17 billion because of the falling shares of Facebook© 2018 AFP / Gerard Julien

The state Chapter of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, who ranked third in the ranking of the richest people according to Bloomberg, declined 16.8 billion due to the fall in the value of shares of the company by 20% on Wednesday after the close of the main trading session, according to estimates by the Agency.

The Agency adds that if the stock drop will continue during the main session on Thursday, Zuckerberg risks to retiring of the three richest people in the world in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI) and be on the sixth line of the rating.

Third place in the ranking of the richest people on the planet BBI Zuckerberg took in early July. Then as the founder of Facebook, the Agency has estimated at 81.6 billion dollars, and by 25 July it increased to 86.6 billion dollars.

Sharp depreciation of securities of the company have occurred after the financial statements for the second quarter was worse than analysts ‘ forecasts. Thus, the net profit of the social network increased by 31 percent to 5.11 billion, or 1.74 dollar a share, but analysts expected that this figure will be 1.75 dollar. A year earlier, the figure was up to 1.32 dollars per share. Revenue for the period rose 42 percent to 13.23 billion at the forecast of 13.43 billion. The advertising revenue for the year increased by 42%, to 13,038 billion dollars.

At the same time for the first half of 2018 Facebook’s net profit jumped by 45 percent to 10,092 billion dollars. Diluted earnings per share amounted to 3.43 against the dollar 2.36 dollars a year earlier. Revenue grew 45% to 25,197 billion dollars.