«A great man»: in the Urals, said goodbye to Veniamin Yakovlev

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Attachability in fotoracconti of the RF President Veniamin Yakovlev. Archival photo«A great man»: in the Urals, said goodbye to Veniamin Yakovlev© RIA Novosti / Dmitry attachability to the photobank

Farewell to the presidential adviser Veniamin Yakovlev took place on Friday in the Sverdlovsk state academic drama theater, to pay tribute and respect to large law came hundreds of people.

The first Chairman of the Supreme arbitration court of the Russian Federation, doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Veniamin Yakovlev died on Tuesday at the age of 86 years. On Thursday in Moscow, the memory of a statesman honored Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Vladimir Ostrovenko, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika, Chairman of the Russian Supreme court Vyacheslav Lebedev, first Deputy Chairman of the Council of Federation Nikolay Fedorov, MPs, senators, colleagues, relatives and friends.

In the hall of the drama theater in Yekaterinburg – the city where Yakovlev received a degree in law and worked for many years stood an open coffin, surrounded by red roses and wreaths. Next to him sat the relatives of lawyer – his wife, daughters and grandchildren.

Last farewell to the prominent lawyer came more than a hundred of his colleagues and students, as well as representatives of the administration of Yekaterinburg, the regional courts and Prosecutor’s office. Several times during the farewell at the tomb of the jurist, was replaced by a guard of honor. Your telegrams of condolence sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Plenipotentiary representative in the Urals Federal district, Nikolai Tsukanov.

After the service Advisor of the President will be buried at Shirokorechenskiy cemetery.

A mentor, teacher, friend

On behalf of the government of Sverdlovsk area has brought condolences to the Deputy Governor Alexander Vysokinskiy. He noted that Veniamin Yakovlev was the greatest representative of the Ural law school, a man who with a capital letter is called the head.

«Gone from the life of a mentor, teacher, friend, older friend. We Veniamin Fedorovich worked together until very recently. He was involved in the citizens ‘ complaints. He came to us, and we went together at the Chkalovsky district of Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region. And he personally understood in each case. Very important when the head penetrates personally. I did not fit in head when we say «was». Most importantly, he will live among us until we remember it while we use tips and best practices that he taught us. Sleep well, Veniamin. We will continue what you started to do,» said Vysokinskiy.

Vladimir Bublik, acting rector of the Ural state law University (Urguu), where Yakovlev worked for almost 30 years, added that the lawyer never forgot the home institution and every time you visit to Yekaterinburg to visit their colleagues.

«Veniamin always started with the story that he is a graduate of Sverdlovsk law Institute. He always said it with pride. So for us, for those whom he taught, who he was working with, who was with him until his last day, he will be our present. It cannot be said in past tense. He is, he remains in his writings on the theory of state law in his family, in tens of thousands of their students, to the students. He will be with us until the end,» said Bagel at the farewell ceremony.

Former students Yakovlev could not hold back tears when told about exceptional oratorical talent of the lawyer. According to former students, the lecture Yakovlev could sell tickets, the audience was always filled.

Man with a capital letter

«There are a lot of judges of arbitration courts of the Ural district. We are all together, regardless of age and experience. Veniamin Fedorovich has created a whole system of arbitration courts in Russia, he laid down the principles of work of the courts. And no matter what positions, what positions he did not hold, it was huge with a capital letter. The person who I was thinking of those who are close to him. Took care of those who work with him. These human principles are embedded in the creation of arbitration courts», – said the head of Arbitration court of the Ural district Irina Reshetnikova.

«We are all students. For us Veniamin teacher, not only because we listened to his lectures and worked under his supervision. He is a teacher of how we should treat the law with great respect, reverence. How to analyze, understand and see all the consequences of those actions that we do. It is the largest scientist in the field of civil law, his works written in 60-ies, is not less important,» – said Reshetnikov.

«Memory will live on in the ideas in those works, works which he wrote…. Benjamin F. remained human in all cases in all situations. But most importantly – it has not been subject to corrosion of power. It was the most humane man» – said one of the students Yakovlev at the farewell ceremony.