Butman called talented Russians treasure

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Formaterat in fotomontaggi Butman. Archival photoButman called talented Russians treasure© RIA Novosti / Alexei Formaterat the image Bank

Talented people are the treasure of Russia not less, than natural resources, so the program that encourages children to music lessons, necessary, told RIA Novosti people’s artist of Russia, President of the Sochi Jazz Festival Igor Butman.

Earlier it was reported that one of the points of the national project «Culture» is providing children’s music, art, choreographic schools, colleges and art schools with the necessary tools, equipment and materials.

«Of course, it will really help (the emergence of a large number of musicians). Children will want to play on a good instrument, parents will know that school will provide them all the necessary that they don’t need to buy an expensive tool. Because they are really very expensive, how many times I was asked to help to buy a good tool because a talented child not on what to play. If there is such a program, it really will get better,» the musician said.

«It’s an incentive, because we need to find talented people, they want the country, this is our heritage, no less than natural resources. In addition, what we do, we have to make art, a new cultural achievements. So, of course, necessary, it is a great program, I support it all,» said Butman.