Butman spoke about the performance of «Onegin Blues»

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in photovacation Igor Butman. Archival photoButman spoke about the performance of «Onegin Blues»© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The performance of «Onegin Blues» which will show at the IX Sochi Jazz Festival combines jazz, poetry and theatre, so the festival organizers try to expand the audience and kill with one shot three birds with one stone, said to RIA Novosti, people’s artist of Russia, President of the Sochi Jazz Festival Igor Butman.

Earlier it was reported that the ironic drama based on Pushkin’s novel in verses «Eugene Onegin Blues» with Igor Butman and Alexei Guskov in the lead roles will show on August 3 at the Winter theatre in Sochi in the framework of IX International Sochi festival Jazz Festival.

«Many musicians do these performances with live music. We met with Aleksey Guskov, it is suggested that this idea, which I happily supported. And, of course, immediately agreed to go on such an interesting experiment,» said Butman.

«The performance has already been presented in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Then we decided to show it to the jazz festival in Sochi. Still, the Winter theatre is primarily a theatre venue. And performance just merged jazz and poetry, and theatre. So we are trying to expand our audience, which will discover something new. Jazzmen will discover Pushkin, the audience of poetry will discover jazz. Try to kill with one shot three birds with one stone (laughs),» added the actor.

The ninth festival Sochi Jazz Festival will be held in Sochi from 2 to 5 August. These days the resort waiting for a musical parade led by Igor Butman, performances by well known artists on the scenes of the Winter theatre and the concert hall «Festival», creative meetings and jam sessions under the open sky.