Experts told, what Muscovites prefer

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Muscovites visiting entertainment and cultural activities on average 6 times a year; their preferences are theatres, museums and cinema, said the research holding «ROMIR», which is available to RIA Novosti.

The study used data from the Skan-panel of households «romira» (information on the consumption of more than 40 thousand Russians, 15 thousand households in 220 cities) and survey respondents (800 people aged 18 to 65 years residing in Moscow).

«Entertainment and cultural activities residents of Moscow are visited on average 6 times a year. After a cost analysis revealed that most Muscovites spend on the theatres and museums of: 33% of the total funds spent were in this category. In second place — the cinema. They account for 27% of spending,» the study says.

In third place came quests, shooting ranges, paintball and go-karting (10% costs). Payment of children’s game rooms was about 8% of the cost rides — 7%. For tickets to the circus Muscovites takes 4% of the total amount of spending on entertainment.

Finally, 3% were in zoos (and delfinarium and aquariums) and excursions, 2% — water parks and bowling, about 1% — in Billiards and computer clubs.