Finalist British «Voices. Children» Yaroslav Yakubchuk dreams of the adult «Voice» in Russia

© Photo : from personal archive of the family Yakubzhanov, Yakubchuk. Archive photoFinalist British «Voices. Children» Yaroslav Yakubchuk dreams of the adult «Voice» in Russia© Photo : from personal archive of a family Yakubu

Eleven-year-old Muscovite (so he identificeret) Yaroslav Yakubchuk shortlisted in the British show «the Voice. Children» and struck the jury maturity of vocals and vocal range, said in an interview with RIA Novosti that he plans to participate in the Russian analogue of the show, but would be happy in the future to participate in «adult» competition «the Voice» in Moscow.

«First, the Russian «baby» «Voice» I participate pointless because I’ve already been in the final. If I go to Russian «the Voice» and will also reach the finals, people will be able to say: «that boy is in London took place in the final, why is it shown here? And we showed, and we didn’t go through «blind» auditions, because the team was him.» What will happen is that I will take away the chances of other children,» said Jakubczyk.

A year ago he already tried his luck in the Russian «Voice. Children», but «blind» auditions, none of the mentors it has not turned out. The boy’s parents Alexander and Olga, who have two older children, I think that it summed up the song selection for the performance, while singing a classic Yaroslav recommended by the editors of the Russian and British versions of the show.

And the boy and his parents are convinced that the failure of speech in Moscow can not be considered.

«After Moscow «the Voice» remained the feeling that Jaroslav noticed. This is a very high rating. In Moscow, many children were not only with parents but also with their vocal teachers. And they are very picky as watch over their wards. So, from all vocal teachers was a positive one», — says Olga.

Yaroslav in music is quite wide tastes: in addition to operas, he listens to Queen, Louis Armstrong, Eminem, groups, ImagineDragons, Eurythmics, as well as military songs. War songs Jaroslav two years in a row were performed for the veterans during the celebrations in London on the occasion of Victory Day. Also Jaroslav singing in an Orthodox choir.

«And he loves pelage. He watched the Russian project «the Voice», got acquainted with the repertoire and began to listen. He likes the way she behaves, her children generally like. I like her songs and Cossack, and Russian, which we’ve never heard of. This layer, which in Soviet times was unknown. Of the modern Russian repertoire for him, Pelageya is an idol», — says Olga.

Yaroslav has not yet decided what kind of music to associate their future life, but still drawn to the stage. His parents, however, believe that the best son be Opera arias.

«I may be too early to say, but as I thought, it is believed that it will be easier to become a pop singer. Don’t know why, but I was planning on it. But I have nothing against the classics,» the smiling boy.

«I think it’s not a pop voice. He may wish it now, like he said, but best of all he has done Opera arias,» — said his father.

«It is not, we believe, believe and editors, both in Moscow, and here… It objectively. And then he himself likes to sing classical pieces… He seems to be playing it, he was pleased, he freely in this range. But from the classics accumulates a lot of serious experts. It becomes this uncomfortable. So he sees how much positive reaction to the usual pop singing and, of course, starting to get a complex and think that it is a very serious and pop music – something easier,» adds Olga.

Yaroslav grew up in London: he was brought to London at the age of three months, but he speaks in Russian and without hesitation, he calls himself a Muscovite. The question of how they manage to maintain this «Russianness», Jaroslav, laughing, says: «it is Better to ask how the parents have ensured that I somehow speak English!».

© Photo : from personal archive of a family Cubcookie the finals «The Voice Kids UK 2018»Finalist British «Voices. Children» Yaroslav Yakubchuk dreams of the adult «Voice» in Russia© Photo : from personal archive of a family Cubcookie the finals «The Voice Kids UK 2018»

«When he was presented at the competition, could not be and speeches about how to introduce myself as a Brit. It would be puzzled looked and asked: «why do you have such bad English?». He was posing as a Russian. And according to their level of English, and inner feelings,» notes Olga.

«Yaroslav the day goes to the Russian school. His older brother and sister are adults – 30 and 27 years — we have been through it all and understand the risk that the child will speak properly in Russian. We did not want this and therefore deliberately left him in a Russian-speaking environment, living in England,» says the boy’s father.

On the question of whether the family would remain in London or to return to Russia, Yaroslav speaks first: «I would like to live in Russia.» His parents recognized that while the question is open and that the main thing for them – give him a choice.

«We go twice a year in Russia. Jaroslav feels Russian, not Englishman. On Saturdays he goes to an Orthodox school, there are currently more than 100 children. Most of the children prefer to speak among themselves in English. They understand Russian language, speak Russian, but as Yaroslav said in English. However, we shall exclude it from the English language. He goes to play soccer, swim in the pool, he coaches with whom he speaks English, he communicates with the children. During the competition, he had a lot of progress in the language,» said Alexander.

Yaroslav admits that really he would like to take part in «adult» the «Voice».

«After six to eight years if the transfer continues, of course, it would be very interesting,» he said.