Forecasters said as lunar Eclipse of the century will affect health

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The longest lunar Eclipse in the XXI century will not affect human health or the weather, said the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand in an interview with «Russian newspaper».

According to the expert, from the Eclipse of the moon the sky is just darker than normal, and other impacts astronomical phenomena will not.

Neither a lunar nor a solar Eclipse or so-called parade of planets when they line up in a row, no other astronomical phenomena can not influence on weather and health. The very fact that the Moon does not Shine. It only reflects sunlight. For some time the Earth would not allow the Sun to illuminate the moon. Nothing to worry about. Just be darker than usual,» — said Vilfand.

He also said that sensitive people may experience discomfort during the space show, but it is only the result of auto-suggestion.

The people of Russia will be able to observe the longest total Eclipse of the moon in the twenty-first century, 27 Jul. The astronomical phenomenon will be noticeable throughout Russia, in addition to the Northern part of Siberia.

In addition, on this same day, Mars will be more visible in the sky during the Great opposition of Mars with the Sun. The coincidence of two cosmic phenomena is an extremely rare event.