Found safe method for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

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Scientists from Tohoku University in Japan found that ultrasonic waves can cure Alzheimer’s disease without any side effects. Their study is published in the journal Brain Stimulation.

It is believed that the reduced blood flow in the brain causing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, due to the fact that brain cells do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. Death and damage to nerve cells is one of the main causes of dementia.

Japanese scientists conducted tests on laboratory mice, dividing them into two control groups, one of which surgically constricting the blood flow to the brain cells, and the second with the help of genetic engineering has introduced state of the brain, close to the symptomatology of Alzheimer’s disease.

Then the brain of mice was subjected to impact pulse of ultrasonic waves of low intensity three times a day for 20 minutes. The first group of animals was irradiated by ultrasonic waves for five days, the second group took 11 of these procedures within three months.

As a result, scientists revealed significant improvement in cognitive function in rodents. The ultrasonic wave causes an increase in the allocation of a particular enzyme involved in the formation of blood vessels, along with increasing the amount of protein, which plays a key role in the preservation and growth of nerve cells. The ultrasound did not cause any side effects.

According to the researchers, this therapy may be used in the treatment of people, especially elderly patients with high risk of developing the disease. While this procedure does not require surgery and anesthesia.