Housing and communal services of the Samara hung «pyramid of shame» in front of the balcony of the debtor

© Photo : Samara municipal systemupgrade of shame, set at the house of the debtor in SamaraHousing and communal services of the Samara hung «pyramid of shame» in front of the balcony of the debtor© Photo : Samara municipal systems

Housing and communal services of the Samara hung in front of the balcony of one of the locals «pyramid of shame» as a reminder of the debt for the consumed water, the press service of «RKS-Samara».

Earlier it was reported that «RKS-Samara» may begin to establish a three-ton concrete pyramid with the inscription «Here lives the debtor» from private homes and organizations in arrears for water. During this time, the pyramid visited in 82 Dodgers, which as a result paid off the debts for the sum more than 1 million rubles.

«155 the house on new Garden is inhabited by a few subscribers who don’t pay for water and sanitation a total of more than 150 thousand rubles. One of the debtors, after applying all possible ways of exposure, it was decided to put the «pyramid of shame.» Did it using the «mechanical hands» – the light version of the «pyramid of shame» was placed clearly in front of the balcony defaulter», — stated in the message.

According to the press service, the owner of the apartment, the balcony of which appeared in «the pyramid of shame» of the accumulated debt for water in the amount of 13 thousand rubles. The pyramid will hang in front of the window defaulter for a few hours in the morning and evening, until he pay the debt.

«Maybe a sign of shame and widespread dissatisfaction among neighbors forced to fulfill legal obligations not only of the recipient of the pyramid, but of all defaulters in this house,» — said in a release.

The report notes that such reminders of the debt do not appear immediately. «First, we notify the debtor sent letters of claim sent writs of the courts, welcome to the Committee for receivables, where we are always ready to meet the debtor, look at every situation individually. That person is not followed by any action, no desire to resolve the problem», — the press service quoted Deputy Director for sales of «RKS-Samara» Eugene Oreckovsky.