In Mexico, the missing Secretary of the Turkish Embassy

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Kasper Christensen / CityВид Mexico in Mexico city. Archival photoIn Mexico, the missing Secretary of the Turkish EmbassyCC BY-SA 2.0 / Kasper Christensen / Mexico City

The Prosecutor General’s office of Mexico city, is investigating the circumstances of the disappearance in the capital, Secretary of the Turkish Embassy.

«The beginning of a special investigation in connection with a reported crime about the disappearance or unexplained absence women 29 years old, nationality – Turkish women, her whereabouts unknown since July 2», — stated in the message Department.

The fact of the disappearance became known on Wednesday, when the counselor of the Embassy of Turkey reported it to the Prosecutor. The missing woman worked as the second Secretary of the Consulate, said portal Milenio. According to employees of Embassy, from 2 to 16 July, missing woman contacted only by e-mail, notifying colleagues that I was sick and went to hospitals.

In the end, the Embassy staff concerned, came to the diplomat’s home and left a message on July 17. There was no answer, and only 23 of July with her email address received a letter with no contents, then the Embassy and appealed to law enforcement agencies.