In Moscow will act as Nick cave with the Bad Seeds

© AFP 2018 / Justin TallisПевец Nick cave. Archival photoIn Moscow will act as Nick cave with the Bad Seeds© 2018 AFP / Justin Tallis

Legendary musician Nick cave with his band the Bad Seeds will give a concert in Moscow club Stadium, told RIA Novosti press-service Agency «T. C. I».

«Three years later, in the framework of the European tour, a brilliant multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet and writer Nick cave will return to Russia with the group, whose name is firmly entrenched in the history of rock music — Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The twenty-seventh of July at club Stadium in Moscow will give a concert of the legendary Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds», — stated in the message.

According to the organizers, the group promises not like anything mind-blowing show, and will present his latest album «Skeleton Tree», filled with peculiar Cave the dramatic gloom. The album was recorded under extremely sad circumstances just at that period the musician tragically lost his son.

The organizers emphasize that for the Russian fans of the cave had the particularly reverent attitude. His father, being a teacher of literature, childhood brought the boy to the works of Russian writers and poets, which subsequently huge influence on his work. The cave admitted that his previous band Birthday Party was named so under impression of one of the scenes of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s «Crime and punishment».

«The cave is a truly extraordinary person, whose voice is riddled with emotion and the lyrics have forever changed the view of most musical genres. In 1983 in Melbourne Australian musician founded the band Nick Cave — Man Or Myth (which a year later was renamed Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), from the first album having achieved recognition of the new team. The first album was distinguished by a predominance of post-punk sound, but by the late ‘ 80s Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds began to experiment with styles, transforming their creativity into noise-rock, Gothic rock, neo-wave, and even Blues,» — said the press service.

Cave told RIA Novosti that he considers the Russian fans of «wild» and admitted that playing concerts in Russia has always been a pleasure for him. «I never thought the audience sullen. It is wild, but I think she feels a kinship with the dark dark motifs that permeate my music. For me always a great pleasure to play concerts in Russia,» said cave in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The musician said that he doesn’t get bored to play their old songs and hits, because they change every year from one concert to another. «They are in a constant state of change and movement. They constantly change shape,» — said the Agency interlocutor.