In Nalchik the head of the detention center a suspect in the attempted rape of a subordinate

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae fotobank in prison. Archival photoIn Nalchik the head of the detention center a suspect in the attempted rape of a subordinate© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

The investigative authorities of Kabardino-Balkaria opened a criminal case against the head of the SIZO of Nalchik, who is suspected of attempt of rape of the subordinate; this is the second case initiated against the head of the facility, according to the regional SU IC.

According to investigators, the suspect in 2016, while working as the Deputy chief of the detention facility for operations, has repeatedly attempted to persuade him to be intimate with one of the employees of the detention center, which received a categorical refusal.

«In June 2016, he followed a woman and a blow in the back pushed it in the office of Department guard. Having tumbled down her on the sofa, he, using physical violence, tried to engage her in sexual intercourse, but the victim was able to resist,» the statement reads.

According to investigators, pushing, Deputy head of the jail, the woman, threatening with application of available with her service pistol, ordered him to leave the premises immediately. The suspect was forced to leave his office.

On the given fact criminal case under article «Attempted rape» of the criminal code, which sanction provides till six years of imprisonment.

«The victim was afraid to make a statement about the attempted rape because he was in the service, depending on the suspect», — notes the Agency.

This is the second case brought against the head of the Nalchik SIZO. In early June of the current year against it criminal case under article «Excess of powers of office» the criminal code. The head of the detention facility suspected that he may 2018, twice illegally organized a meeting with the arrested. The court, he was temporarily discharged of execution of official duties.