In Russia pointed to low demand associated with biometric data banking services

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A biometric future where the Russians voice command or done on the phone the photo will be able to remotely open a Bank account, will not come as quickly as one might expect. On the one hand, banks will need time to equip their offices with the necessary equipment. On the other – the demand for a new service is low, say representatives of major Russian banks polled by RIA Novosti.

To collect the biometrics of the clients of Russian banks began on 1 July this year. They will gradually offer you in their offices, the collection of biometrics as technical capabilities. Before the end of this year, such a service must provide not less than 20% of Bank branches in each region of presence, to June 30, 2019 – 60%, up to the end of 2019 – 100%, explained in a press-service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

To store the data of Russians will be in a Single biometric system (EBS), the operator of which is JSC «Rostelecom». For every successful treatment is applied to Bank 200 rubles. To clients system is free.

The plans of the leaders

While some major banks have voiced ambitious plans to connect the offices to the biometric system, others are just going to try out the new features in some of their offices.

To postpone the testing of the system going, including Sberbank not expecting the high demand for the service in the next few years.

VTB, on the contrary, the system is ready for a breakthrough in banking. To give my biometrics customers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The correspondent of RIA Novosti news Agency a month ago, one of the first to test the system in the Metropolitan office of VTB. To make a recording of your voice and photo, you had to call the insurance number of individual personal account (SNILS) and to be registered on the website services.

«Until the end of the year, VTB will provide the necessary equipment and about 200 retail branches throughout Russia, the entire network in 2019,» — said the press service.

One of the top 10 in Russia by volume of assets the Bank «Opening» will wait to collect client biometrics. «Massive connecting banks, most likely, will last for 2-3 years, with the emergence of replicable solutions and proposals for the conversion of offices «turnkey» facilitating the process of integration with the system,» says member of the management Board, head of IT unit of «Opening» Sergey Rusanov.

Biometric happiness

The use of biometrics carries a lot of advantages for the Russians, and in addition, is one of the most effective ways of protection against digital fraud, experts and representatives of the banking community.

At VTB Bank, noted that the use of biometrics will facilitate access not only to banking but also to public services. Vice-President of the savings Bank Anatoly Popov in June said that Russia’s largest Bank could become a platform for issuing digital documents — driver’s licenses and ID cards that will contain biometric data.

In addition to the banking sector in the future biometrics will be used for the conclusion of contracts with subscribers of operators and health data population.

Biometrics will also bring benefits for the banks in the form of cost optimization and attract new customers via the Internet, regardless of region of residence.

In the sixth by assets in the Russian Federation, Alfa-Bank is expected to reduce the cost of field sales agents and couriers and the release of employees for other functions. «Development of biometric identification system will provide Alfa-Bank with additional opportunities for the development of digital banking and a fully remote banking services to customers,» said project Manager for biometric identification of the Bank Elena Matveeva.

In systembrushes Bank of the Crimea, RNCB note that participation in the project will allow the Bank to attract new customers from all over Russia. In addition, the banking service more accessible to people with disabilities. «As the number of users of remote channels in the MCB is growing steadily, the Bank predicts a constant increase in demand for the remote acquisition services», — said the press service of the Crimean Bank.

An additional positive effect will be increased competition between banks, and as a consequence — improving remote service. «With increasing numbers of people who recorded their biometric templates in the system will grow and Bank competition in the field of remote banking services, for which remote authentication is slowly becoming the market standard,» says head of IT unit «Open» Rusanov.

Not yet mass market

Despite the advantages of using biometrics, the demand of Russians for a new service is low. In banks is explained by the fact that biometric data is not where you can apply. In addition, many Russians simply do not know about the new features.

At the end of July in the offices of Alfa-Bank, their biometric data passed only 50 clients. «We believe that this is due to the fact that Russian banks have launched a a small number of online products based on remote authentication, which can be used already today», — said Matveyev.

Sovcombank notes the gradual increase of interest to the service: customers are not only treated in the office for explanations, but calling to the call center of the Bank. At first, Sovcombank will offer the service for the opening of current accounts, deposits and virtual cards in the future will be connected and other products. Until the end of 2018 to biometric system, the Bank is planning to connect more than 80 branches.

The Bank «home credit» in the three weeks since the launch of the Single biometric systems, their data provided about 40 people. The press service explained that the service will become increasingly important as clients will learn about the benefits of remote authentication. The Bank plans to introduce the service of collecting biometrics in all its offices by the end of next year.

To give my biometrics at one of the Moscow offices of Bank «Russian standard», the other offices will join as technical issues during the fall. Director of technology and support retail business Bank ICD Vitaly Polyakov confirmed the readiness to participate in a Single biometric system. Start collecting customer data, the Bank is planning in August of this year.

Raiffeisenbank, in turn, calculates through the use of biometrics to work with clients in regions where there are no offices. Outside the capital the opportunity to take the biometrics of Bank customers will be available before the end of the year.