In the Altai condemned «vybivanii» recognition of police

© RIA Novosti / Krivobok to Russenparty in fotobanka judges. Archival photoIn the Altai condemned «vybivanii» recognition of police© RIA Novosti / Krivobok to Russenparty the image Bank

Former Deputy chief and the detective branch of police in the Tretyakov area of MO MVD Rossii «Zmeinogorsky» received seven and six years in prison for abuse of power in 2015, the press service of the SUCK of the Russian Federation for the Altai territory.

According to the investigation and trial, in October 2015, the police Department was delivered to three local residents suspected of stealing a sack of grain from the territory of one of farms. During their interrogation, the police beat suspects and used them non-lethal weapons — stun gun, a gas mask and handcuffs. Despite the fact that men admitted to committing theft, harassment by the police has not stopped – they demanded that the detained recognition in Commission of other similar crimes.

«Evidence deemed sufficient to convict the 36-year-old former Deputy chief and 33-year-old detective in the police Department at the Tretyakov area of MO MVD Rossii «Zmeinogorsky». They were found guilty of committing crimes of «abuse of power», — stated in the message

It added that during preliminary investigation, the police pleaded not guilty.

«The court has appointed the former police officer sentenced to seven and six years of imprisonment with serving in a colony of General regime. In addition, the court deprived them of special ranks and the right to hold positions in law enforcement for a period of two years», — specified in the message.