In the center of Moscow complete reconstruction of the gas pipeline

© Photo: Mosgaz employees of the company Mosgaz. Archive photoIn the center of Moscow complete reconstruction of the gas pipeline© Photo : «Mosgaz»

Mosgaz completes the reconstruction of the two branches of pipelines stretching more than two kilometers on Novokuznetskaya street in Moscow center, said Friday in a press-service of the organization.

«Mosgaz completes a unique work of reconstruction of two branches of gas pipelines medium and low pressure stretching over two kilometers in the heart of the capital – on the street Novokuznetskaya. The old worn out steel pipelines will be replaced with more durable polyethylene with a life span of minimum 50 years. This means that in the next half-century at the site of the gas transportation system of the city works on reconstruction of communications will not be held», — stated in the message.

As explained in a press-service, the data pipelines that are part of a looped system of gas supply of the city, connected three gas regulation: «Piatnitski», «3-y monetchikovskiy» and «kozhevnicheskiy», and provide gas to consumers of the residential sector, DISTRICT and partly sad, as well as municipal enterprises of the city center and the Embassy of the Republic of Mali.

«Reconstruction is caused by a long-life communications, laid in the 70-ies. The project provides for closed laying of gas pipelines in stainless steel case with a diameter of 1220 mm by the method of high-precision trenchless technology microtunnelling under the tram tracks and the roadway at the intersection Vishnyakovskaya of the alley and street Novokuznetsk, followed by feeding it steel case with a diameter of 720 millimeters and polyethylene gas pipelines, medium and low pressure», — told the experts.

It is noted that the work started in January, it was planned to complete in October this year, but now, when they completed the final part of the project will be implemented significantly before the deadline. While this year the total planned JSC «Mosgaz» to the reconstruction of networks is more than 80 kilometers.