In the United States will consider new charges against Osipova, said the lawyer

© Flickr / RogerЗал trial in the United States. Archival photoIn the United States will consider new charges against Osipova, said the lawyer© Flickr / Roger

A court in the United States will consider new charges against Russians Bogdan Osipova, as well as the question of her release from custody in the next two weeks, reported Friday RIA Novosti her lawyer Alexey Tarasov.

«We expect that these hearings will be held next week or the week following it,» he said.

Osipov accused of kidnapping his own child. She was kept in a prison psychiatric hospital, as the Russians demanded medical examination to confirm her sanity. Thursday on the basis of the results of the examination, the judge ruled that she could stand trial. It will begin on September 18.

A few days earlier in her address were put forward additional charges, including extortion.

Osipova dual citizenship of the Russian Federation and the United States. In 2014, a year-old at the time daughter Osipova was declared wanted. It was mentioned that she may be with her mother. She has come back home from the United States, where the court made the decision to leave her two children from her marriage to American and to determine their place of residence in Russia.

In September 2017 Osipova once again came to the United States, where he was detained by law enforcement agencies. According to the decision of the American court, two young daughters, who are citizens of Russia and the United States, after the divorce of his parents had to stay with her father. The children’s father appears at the trial as a prosecution witness.