«M. Video» and «Eldorado» has launched a network of ex

© RIA Nowstandard. Archival photo«M. Video» and «Eldorado» has launched a network of ex© RIA Novosti

The group «M. Video-Eldorado» (the largest Russian network of home appliances and electronics «M. Video» and «Eldorado» are included in the group «Safmar» Mikhail Gutseriev) launches pilot project on the results of the online orders through the product, told RIA Novosti in the press service of «M. Video-Eldorado».

«M. Video-Eldorado» is piloting a results Internet orders via the product located outside its own stores networks. Now online ordering you can not only get by courier or in one of the retail stores, but also to take in a partner issuing orders and postmatch,» said the company.

So, «M. Video» has launched a pilot project together with the logistics service PickPoint in Moscow, cities of the Moscow region and St. Petersburg. «The network of ex has 33 points in 17 cities. Until the end of the year, the company plans to expand the network. Similar to the pilot start, and in a network «Eldorado» in Moscow within the Garden ring,» added the retailer.

At the point of pickup and postmatch you can pick up almost any product from the range of «M. Video», which does not exceed the dimensions of a standard microwave oven weighs up to 15 pounds and costs less than 50 thousand rubles. In postmatch restrictions on the amount of the order no. The panel notes that most of the ex items are used to obtain digital electronics (including smartphones, tablets, headphones), accessories and small home appliances.

Director of supply chain management, distribution and logistics, «M. Video-Eldorado» Irina Dementieva, the words of which resulted in the company noted that the product — solution which is at a relatively low cost will allow the retailer to get closer to customers.

«About 70% of online orders our customers prefer to own in shops «M. Video» and «Eldorado». In a year that’s more than two million orders,» said Dementieva. The Internet sales group in the first half of 2018 increased by 39.6% compared to the same period last year — up to 32,306 billion, total sales by 16% to 175,304 billion rubles with VAT.