Named share of Russians who believe the Earth is flat

© Photo : Roscosmos/Anton Scalaroperator Earth. Archive photoNamed share of Russians who believe the Earth is flat© Photo : Roscosmos/Anton Shkaplerov

The vast majority of Russians (93%) believe that the Earth is a sphere, but 3% of these claims scientists do not believe and are of the opinion that in fact our planet is flat, the survey showed the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

«Planet Earth is a sphere, and that there is overwhelming evidence, believes the vast majority of respondents (93%). Agree with this statement as respondents with incomplete secondary education (92%) and higher education (95%)», — stated in the materials of the survey, which is available to RIA Novosti.

Along with this, 3% of respondents expressed the belief that scientists deliberately introduce all the confusion, saying that the Earth is a sphere, in fact, the planet is flat. Another 4% of respondents could not answer this question.

A nationwide survey «polls-Sputnik» was held on may 29-30 2018, among two thousand respondents over 18 years. Survey method – telephone interviews, the statistical error does not exceed 2.2%.