Published footage of the last inhabitant of an unknown Amazonian tribe

The authority of the Federal government of Brazil FUNAI protecting the rights of the indigenous inhabitants of the country, has posted a video with the last surviving representative of an unknown tribe in the Amazon.

FUNAI, the organization needs every month to prove that the man is alive, otherwise the territory of his tribe could move to the farmers. The last time researchers saw a man in 2016, but a recent video proves he’s still alive.

Native land covering an area of eight thousand hectares, where he grows maize, bananas and papaya. In addition, he’s hunting animals, digging pit traps with sharpened spears at the bottom. The estimated age men is 55-60 years.

Since the 1970s, his tribe was attacked by farmers and other foreigners. In 1995, all the inhabitants destroyed, and the only survivor he is. Since that time the natives have lived 22 years single, isolated from the world.