Russia lifted restrictions on pork imports from Hungary

© Fotolia / Kristina AfanasyevaФлаг Hungary. Archival photoRussia lifted restrictions on pork imports from Hungary© Fotolia / Kristina Afanasyeva

The Rosselkhoznadzor on July 24 lifted restrictions on the import into Russia of live pigs and pork products from Hungary, according to the materials of the Department.

The restrictions were introduced on may 7 in connection with the deterioration of the epizootic situation with African swine fever (ASF).

Now the import of live pigs and products are allowed from the entire territory of Hungary, except for two areas, Heves and Szabolcs-szatmár-Bereg. Of these, only the delivery of finished products from pork, as well as finished products containing pork.

«The Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance informs that on 24 July 2018 allowed the import into the Russian Federation from the entire territory of Hungary live pigs, slaughter products of pigs, pork and products containing pork,» — said in the document Department.

However, under the food embargo in August 2014, the EU currently cannot ship to Russia live pigs (excluding purebred breeding animals), fresh, chilled or frozen pork, edible offal of pigs and pork fat. In July, the government of the Russian Federation has extended the food embargo until the end of 2019.

African swine fever — a contagious viral disease of pigs that are particularly dangerous. For man, the ASF is not dangerous, but causes serious damage to the agricultural sector, as it does not give in to treatment and vaccinal prevention among animals. To stop the spread of the disease can only strict quarantine measures.