The head of the HRC called on to reform the work of the Supervisory commissions

© Depositphotos / cunaplusКамера. Archival photoThe head of the HRC called on to reform the work of the Supervisory commissions© Depositphotos / cunaplus

Improving prison conditions in Russia should be accompanied by reform of the Supervisory commissions, told reporters the President of the Council on human rights under the Russian President Mikhail Fedotov during his working trip to Voronezh.

«With regard to the General reform of the penal system, this process goes on, and goes a long time. Just need to step up. We need to reform the work of the Supervisory commissions. Because the ugliness that took place a year ago in the Yaroslavl colony and which now stirred up all society — I mean a week that started in Yaroslavl, it is in the colony and met with that Makarov, who was subjected to this abuse. And it became clear what causes led to it and what conditions contributed to the fact that this crime during the year remained unpunished and undetected,» said Fedotov.

According to him, due to the fact that «poorly organized work in the colony, is very poorly organized with a video recording of the situation.»

As an example, the head of the HRC led the Voronezh colony No. 2, where he visited, where, according to him, convicted two times less than in Yaroslavl colony No. 1, and DVRs to the four times more.

Video brutal beating of a prisoner last week published «Novaya Gazeta». According to her, the incident occurred in June last year in penal colony No. 1 in Yaroslavl. The Federal penitentiary service later confirmed the time and place of events recorded in the video. Criminal case about excess of powers of office, all members of the stage set. It was reported about the dismissal of 17 prison conditions, seven arrested.

Amid the scandal with the beating of a prisoner in Yaroslavl became known that on Sunday condemned died in Bryansk colony. Later, the regional Directorate of the RF IC announced the arrest of the Deputy duty assistant head of the colony, who is suspected of violence to the prisoner, in which he died.

The FSIN announced the creation throughout Russia special commissions for the verification of all cases of violence against prisoners over the past year. The Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko said that torture in the Yaroslavl colonies speak about the need to reform the system of the FSIN, Federation Council can initiate. The head of the Federal penitentiary service Gennady Kornienko, commenting on the statement Matvienko, urged not to hurry with the reform: we need to see «all sides», to «study the problem».

The concept of preventive mechanism

In June Fedotov told RIA Novosti that the HRC will develop the «concept of formation of the national preventive mechanism under the UN Convention against torture». He noted that currently in Russia there is only one element of this national preventive mechanism of the public oversight Commission (POC).

He added that the HRC offers to enter the UPC in the General design of the national preventive mechanism, in which the main role should belong to the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation.

Earlier Fedotov told RIA Novosti that Russian HRC and Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova develop proposals on the establishment of a national preventive mechanism, the replacement of the Institute of the PMC, which, according to him, human rights tool has gradually become a decoration.