The Ministry of labor encouraged the integration of older people in society

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Vemulapati in fotobanka elderly doing Hatha yoga at the Academy of a healthy lifestyle in StavropolThe Ministry of labor encouraged the integration of older people in society© RIA Novosti / Alexander Vemulapati the image Bank

Older persons should be integrated into society, said Minister of labor and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin.

As reported in the press service of the Ministry of labor of the working visit to the Pskov region, where he held a meeting on implementation in this region of the system of long-term care for the elderly and persons with disabilities, including the provision of social and health services, as well as the development of nursing medical services at home. Pskov oblast is one of the pilot regions, to review the relevant technologies.

During the meeting, labor Minister noted the need to complete the task of increasing life expectancy in the country.

«We have to go in 2030, life expectancy is 80 years. We have actually in the course of 12 years, even less, to make serious breakthrough», — quote the Minister’s words in the press service of the Ministry of labor.

Topilin said that the increase in life expectancy affects the financing of social programs.

«If we look at the dynamics of life expectancy, which the country has developed the last ten years, after began to implement various projects in the field of demography, health and other fields, life expectancy has dramatically increased over the last 10-12 years it has grown almost eight years,» he said.

The head of the labor Ministry stressed that Russia has considerable reserves for the further increase in life expectancy and quality of life of senior citizens.

Topilin noted that with a growing population of senior citizens requires the restructuring of many social institutions.

«It’s not so much the technologies associated with social protection, it concerns the whole structure of our society and the urban environment, and the health care system, and relationships between generations – older people and young people. It should be a completely different model of behavior,» he said.

The Minister also noted that older people should be «much more serious, much more comfortably integrated into society.»

«We must learn to identify the needs of older people, to learn to identify the support that should have a society for our senior citizens», – concluded Topilin.