The party «Tehreek-e-Insaf» wins the parliamentary elections in Pakistan

© AFP 2018 / Aamir QureshiПарламент Pakistan. Archival photoThe party «Tehreek-e-Insaf» wins the parliamentary elections in Pakistan© 2018 AFP / Aamir Qureshi

Centrist party «Tehreek-e-Insaf» («Movement for justice», PTI) led by former captain of the national cricket Imran Khan after processing 92,96% of the ballots wins the parliamentary elections in Pakistan, said Friday the newspaper Dawn, quoting official data from the election Commission.


According to these data, the PTI claims to be 110 of 272 seats in the National Assembly (the lower house of Parliament) of Pakistan. Followed by «Pakistan Muslim League» (fraction Nawaz, PML-N) with the preliminary result in 63 seats. On the third line is left-centrist «Pakistan peoples party» (PPP) — 42 seats. Independent candidates will receive a total of 12 seats.

It is expected that the fate of 19 of 272 mandates will be officially announced in the near future.

Elections for the National Assembly and regional legislatures of Pakistan was held on Wednesday. Soon after the announcement of official election results, the parties will begin negotiations on forming a ruling coalition, which later will form the new government.

The leader of the «Tehreek-e-Insaf» Imran Khan announced his victory in the parliamentary elections. In his address to the nation broadcast by the local TV channels, he thanked his supporters and outlined a number of priorities of its future policy. Among them — support of the poor, farmers, the development of medicine, education and other social services. Speaking about foreign policy, Khan called for strengthening of cooperation of Pakistan with neighboring countries, especially with China; stressed the importance of stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan, expressed readiness to resume dialogue with the main geopolitical opponent of Pakistan — India, and to develop to her full-fledged trade relations.