The Polish court will consider the complaint of the journalist of Sviridov on the deprivation status of the resident in the EU

© AFP 2018 / Janek SkarzynskiМужчина holds the Polish flag. Archival photoThe Polish court will consider the complaint of the journalist of Sviridov on the deprivation status of the resident in the EU© 2018 AFP / Janek Skarzynski

Consideration of the complaint Russian journalist Leonid Sviridov depriving him of long-term resident status of the European Union will be held in the Supreme administrative court of Poland on Friday.

The plaintiff at the trial will not be present. The official response of the Polish authorities stated that «no grounds» to Sviridov permission to enter the territory of Poland to be present at the consideration of its own business.

Foreign Minister of Poland on 24 October 2014 cancelled journalistic accreditation Sviridov, who was working in Warsaw since 2003. After that, the Polish government began administrative forfeiture Sviridov’s residence permit of a long — term resident status EU. After its cancellation, to enforce the decision of an administrative authority, a journalist in the 30-day period left the country. He was forced to fly from Warsaw to Moscow on 12 December 2015 without a court order.

In October last year, the provincial administrative court in Warsaw considered the legality of the decision of the all-Polish office for foreigners on the termination of Sviridov long-term resident status EU. The court rejected the claim of the journalist. Now Sviridov appealed this decision to a higher court.

The Supreme administrative court is the final court in Poland. Having all the courts of Poland, the journalist can appeal to the European court of human rights.

All the materials of the case of the Russian journalist kept secret, despite numerous requests by the defense to explain the reasons for the decision. Chief Administrative court of Poland refused to declassify documents in the case. In the folder window appears the only official document: a letter from the Director of the internal security Agency of Poland (ABW), which stated that «the continued presence of the specified citizen on the territory of Poland is valid and a serious threat to the security of the state», but says nothing about the reasons.

During the previous court session, the Polish lawyer Yaroslav Sviridov Helstowski said that his client was not familiar with the accusations against him. In his opinion, he is entitled to at least partially acquainted with the case materials.

Also the lawyer noted that he did not see court decisions, which appealed to Sviridov, challenging the decision of the internal security Agency, «fact that was proven evidence base in relation to his client».

History Sviridov, fell several times in the monitoring report of the OSCE representative on freedom of the press on the violation of journalists ‘ rights in the organization. The OSCE has recorded in recent time the only case of violation of rights of journalist in Poland, and it is a violation not of the Polish citizen and Russian citizen. In September 2015, the Russian correspondent personally talked in Warsaw with OSCE representative on freedom of the press on this subject. In September of 2017 the members of the Russian delegation at the annual OSCE conference on human dimension in Warsaw reiterated the illegality of the expulsion of the journalist from Poland.

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly said that the situation around Sviridov can be interpreted as an attempt to restrict free speech and violate the legal rights of journalists to carry out their professional activities, as well as inappropriate pressure on the media representative.