The set of «House-2» can carry

© Fotolia / steheapПросмотр TV. Archival photoThe set of «House-2» can carry© Fotolia / steheap

Moscow authorities want to demolish the set of the reality show «Dom-2».

On the eve of some media reported that demolition gets set called «meadow». It is located near the village Letov Grove in the New areas. To build a road from the Salar in Marino.

As stated by the press officer of the development Department of new territories of the capital, the owner of the land in the New Moscow, where the shooting of the popular program, has reported the seizure of land.

According to him, the road in question was designed to «not to affect any inhabited object». However, the only area through which the trail passes, is land and nonresidential building company «ETK-invest».

According to RBC, what the firm «ETK-invest» has acquired 2.9 acres of land in New Moscow for the filming of «House-2».

«Dom-2» is a popular Russian reality show, which aired in may 2004. During this time there were more than five thousand editions.

The project is recognized as the longest running reality show in the history of the world, and in 2005 was included in the Guinness book of records.

«House 2» was a continuation of «House,» which appeared on TNT in July-November 2003. In this project, the couple built a house, in which the final was played among them by audience vote.

Until April 2014, the shooting of the program took place at the «Polyana-1», in the village of lobanovo in Moscow.