Twitter shares fell after the statement trump of «shadow Bane»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotoracconti applications Facebook and Twitter. Archival photoTwitter shares fell after the statement trump of «shadow Bane»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Shares of the microblogging service Twitter has fallen on the new York stock exchange by almost 14% after the publication of the accounts and critics of U.S. President Donald trump, from the data exchange. Shares in the social network Facebook has moved to the correctional growth after the collapse Thursday.

As at 17.23 GMT Twitter securities became cheaper by 13.65% — 37,08 dollar.

Traders were disappointed the data from the financial report, Twitter said Friday. The company reported that the number of active users in the second quarter fell by 0.3% quarter-on-quarter, or 1 million to 335 million people per month. The company explained that the decline in users was due to the cleaning automatically created accounts and spam accounts. Twitter also noted that the priority of his struggle with suspicious accounts and the reduction of the tweets offensive content, not the number of users increases.

On the quotations of the company affected and the prosecution of the President of the United States. Trump said Thursday that Twitter carries out a «shadow ban» publications known to members of the Republican party and promised «to study this discriminatory and illegal practice.»

Shares of social network Facebook grow by 0.87%, slightly korrektiruete after the collapse of the previous day.

At the end of trading on Monday, Facebook paper fell by 18.96%, and the capitalization of the company fell by $ 120 billion. Due to the collapse of the stock the founder of social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg has fallen from third to sixth place in the ranking of the richest people by Bloomberg, losing 15.9 billion in one trading session.

Paper Facebook had collapsed after the publication of the financial statements, which was worse than analysts ‘ forecasts. Thus, the net profit of the social network for the second quarter rose 31% to 5.11 billion, or 1.74 dollar per share. Analysts had expected earnings per share at 1.75 on the dollar. Revenue for the period rose 42 percent to 13.23 billion at the forecast of 13.43 billion.