Accused of fraud, former Deputy head of the emergency transferred to another detention center

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotobabble first Deputy head of EMERCOM of Russia Colonel-General Sergey Shlyakov. Archival photoAccused of fraud, former Deputy head of the emergency transferred to another detention center© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Former first Deputy head of emergency situations Sergei Shlyakov, accused in a large fraud, will be in the detention center until Saturday, while it is not transferred to the detention center, told RIA Novosti Secretary of the public monitoring Commission of Moscow, Ivan Melnikov.

According to the investigation, Shlyakov and his two accomplices in the result of a deal offered to the former assistant Minister of emergency situations Yury Udalova assistance in appointment to the post of acting Governor of Yaroslavl region, not having the opportunity, and illegally took control of its money. The Tver court of Moscow on Thursday arrested high school.

«At the moment he is in a cell designed for three. With a cellmate who is sharing content, as it has an article for violent crime. He complains that the cell is stuffy, missing watch, but praises the local food,» — said the defender.

According to Melnikov, Shlyakov says that he presented himself to the investigators: he heard that he was wanted, and went to the police, not expecting it to hold up. «He can’t understand why he was detained, says he does not consider himself guilty, is ready to cooperate with the investigation to prove this fact», — said the source.

In the near future, most likely in the first half Saturday, the defendant is sent to jail, said Melnikov.

Shlyakov — the most senior Russian General arrested in a criminal case in recent years. During this time on a dock there was only one Colonel-General, a former commander of the Land forces Vladimir Chirkin, who at the end of a long process escaped real life and was only fined 90 thousand rubles.