At the airport in Vanuatu on the runway has faced several aircraft

© Fotolia / hxdylПассажиры in the cabin. Archival photoAt the airport in Vanuatu on the runway has faced several aircraft© Fotolia / hxdyl

The aircraft of the airline Air Vanuatu, on Board of which there were more than 40 people, left from the runway during the emergency landing at the airport in Vanuatu and collided with other aircraft, according to local newspaper Daily Post.

The incident occurred with the aircraft ATR-72, which flew to Port Vila from Tanna island, onboard the aircraft there were 39 passengers and 4 crew members. According to the carrier, the plane skidded off the runway, «the incident occurred at the end of the GDP during landing». After traveling a much distance, the aircraft deviated to the left, where a few were parked small aircraft.

One of them belonged to the company Unity Airlines. According to its owner, after the collision it was «subject to cancellation». Other small aircraft operated by Air Taxi, were damaged tail section. None of the passengers and crew members in the incident were not injured.

The cause of the accident is not yet established. According to sources of the newspaper, when planting was observed the smoke of the cabin. According to the publication, on the road to landing one of the engines of the aircraft stopped working in full force. The civil aviation authority Vanuatu is investigating the incident.