Died Vladimir Voinovich

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pytlewski Voinovich. Archival photoDied Vladimir Voinovich© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

Writer Vladimir Voinovich has died on 86-m to year of life, reported in the night of Saturday, the journalist Victor Davydov and writer Viktor Shenderovich in Facebook.

«Two hours ago I died Vladimir Voinovich. A heart attack,» wrote Davidoff.

«Died Vladimir Voinovich. I briefly removed the post, but alas, it’s not a mistake,» — said in turn Shenderovich.

Voinovich, novelist, playwright and poet. Wrote such novels as «the Trilogy about the soldier Ivan Chonkin», «Moscow 2042» and «Portrait on the background of the world.» The winner of the award «Triumph» and the state prize of Russia for his book «Mocumentary propaganda».

Voinovich, novelist, playwright and poet. Among his works the most famous is the novel «Degree of confidence»(1972), trilogy of novels about the soldier Ivan Chonkin «the Life and extraordinary adventures of private Ivan Chonkin» (1969-1975), «the Pretender to the throne» (1979), «Displaced person» (2007), the anti-utopia «Moscow 2042» (1986), the play «cat of average fluffiness» (1990), a novel, «Monumental propaganda» (2000), «a portrait against the background of a myth» (2002) and «self-Portrait. The romance of my life» (2010).