«I would sit at home, would have collapsed»: 95-year-old veteran told about the secret of happiness

© Photo : Elena Chernomorniiproject the inhabitant of Novorossisk Alexander Moskalets«I would sit at home, would have collapsed»: 95-year-old veteran told about the secret of happiness© Photo : Helen Chernomortsev

Honorary citizen of the hero city of Novorossiysk Alexander Moskalets looking forward to the parade on the Day of the Navy with ships of the Novorossiysk naval base. Walking along the waterfront, he recalls how in February of 1943 participated in landing of Tsemess (Novorossiysk) Bay on the Small earth. Despite its venerable age, Moskalets has participated in parades and Patriotic events in the city and the sponsored school. He says that his 95 is still young at heart and in love with life.

The agenda itself

San Sanych, as it is called in town, was born in the village of Kuban Neverdjayevskaya, between the Crimean and Novorossiysk. He started his career with grazing cattle, then got «more important work» — a messenger at the village Council. In 1941 he met his adulthood and at the same time matured.

«First I smashed the agenda of the call to the front all the men of Neberdzhaevskaya, then classmates, but soon as I turned 18, was given a summons and myself,» recalls Alexander.

At first he was assigned to the training part in Rakivka at Stalingrad, they realized that he would do commando. After training was in Tuapse, where, during a reconnaissance sortie was ambushed, wounded, but was able to break through to her. «It’s hard to convey this feeling when you realize suddenly that for several minutes you are in the crosshairs. Just like you went to investigate, but the hunter and the victim suddenly change places. At such moments, you feel life in all its palette,» says the veteran.

At little earth

Little land – a small plot of land on the shore, where the Soviet troops in February 1943 was able to land and organise the springboard, the defense of which lasted 225 days, until the full liberation of the city.

In the legendary troops participated and Moskalets. «Our goal was to identify enemy firing points. In simple words, we walked through a front line and caused the fire. It was terrible, Yes, but that was a combat order that was required to accomplish,» says the veteran.

«Line of defense was held right here, in this area of Lenin Avenue, where now the monument to the sailor with a grenade. It was in April of ‘ 43. We are strengthened in some house where well was exposed to fire podstavnye way. Nazi tank deepened in the position of malozemelja. Our sniper managed to remove sticking out of the tank, but for this we received direct fire from the tank. How survived, I don’t know — a miracle,» he admits.

Then the division was transferred to Bryansk, where Moskalets walked to Lithuania, took Konigsberg, where he met the end of the war, guarding the Baltic coast.

«I will never forget this day. Yesterday we sat on the shore, watching the sea and dreaming: I wish the war was over. When the next day announced the surrender of Germany, was an indescribable joy at all. But the memory most etched white tablecloth, which on the street was covered with long tables, and these table linens rocked in the wind. That’s my memory of this day,» he says.

After the war Moskalets back to Novorossiysk, where Neverdjayevskaya moved his family and settled on a shipyard, where he worked all his life.

When history comes alive

Today at Malaya Zemlya in Novorossiysk installed the famous memorial against the background of the ship’s keel and bronze are carved the figures of the participants of the Taskforce, preparing to rush to the attack. Novorossiysk every student is familiar with the story of the landing at Malaya Zemlya. But this story is no longer just text in the textbook, the monument comes to life, when to him for the lessons of courage comes the man who in the assault was directly involved.

«I always try to meet with children, for me, even cemented a specific school, where they get all Patriotic and festive events. I think it is useful to them, but also important to me. Very upsetting what is happening today in Ukraine. Do those who are now in power there, completely forgot history? To prevent this with our younger generation, we have no rights,» Moskalets says.

And in 2010, 67 years after the event, all of the sudden it found the reward. The second Order of the red Star for actions on the «Blue line» was presented personally by President Dmitry Medvedev in the Kremlin. «The first award for the liberation of Sevastopol, but the second is especially valuable as presented personally by the Supreme commander,» — says the veteran.

From the first to fifth and back

Retired San Sanych, he said, it was by chance caused to the social security office and was told that if you go on a holiday, the pension will be greater than the salary. «I had to go,» laughs the veteran.

But no matter, he never sits. At home difficult, because almost every day goes to his cottage to water the garden, and every time — walking from the fifth floor to the first, with the first five. «If I’d gotten home, it probably came down to. And the garden of your love, they like to engage,» he says.

«The only memory a little fails. Did remember all five posts of Stalin, now ask – I will mention only three,» he complains jokingly. In addition to the garden at San Sanych has work through the Council of veterans, the time with which, he says, every year more and more difficult.

«Life is more interesting, the more events it is placed. Events and good people. Therefore, I do not think, and happy to live and try in your 95 still benefit others, I think it’s a natural need of any person», — shares the secret of happiness the veteran.