In Domodedovo the hospital 27 people are seen after an accident

© Photo : account Xenia Zatonsky Contactability the bus overturned on highway A-107 in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region. July 28, 2018In Domodedovo the hospital 27 people are seen after an accident© Photo : Xenia Zatonsky account Vkontakte

Twenty-seven people, including four children, brought in for inspection in Domodedovo Central district hospital of the Moscow region following a rollover accident on the highway A-107 custom bus message Izhevsk-Moscow-Izhevsk, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the emergency services in the region.

«In the emergency hospital in Domodedovo delivered 25 passengers and two drivers capsized near the village of Belye Stolby custom bus,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, among the victims four children aged 10 to 16 years. The bus followed from Izhevsk to Moscow.

In turn, according to the press service of the Ministry of health of Moscow region, Domodedovo hospital after a bus accident in the city district of Domodedovo of Moscow region delivered 17 people, including one child. «The accident in the urban district of Domodedovo the medical institutions of Moscow region has addressed 17 people, including one child. All the victims are in a condition of average and easy severity. They receive all the necessary assistance», — stated in the message.

As previously said to RIA Novosti, a source in emergency services of the region, the bus was carrying State ensemble of folk song and dance «Tanok» in Udmurt Republic. Later, the Deputy Minister of health of Udmurtia Lyudmila Koznishev in an interview with RIA Novosti reported that the bus really were artists from Udmurtia, they are assisted.