In Moscow will create a public space near Novoslobodskaya

© RIA Novosti / Eugene Novodanilovskaja on Tverskaya street in Moscow. Archival photoIn Moscow will create a public space near Novoslobodskaya© RIA Novosti / Eugene Novozenina

A large public space appears in the center of Moscow between Tverskaya and Novoslobodskaya streets, told reporters the Deputy mayor of the city of Pyotr Biryukov.

«We are working on Forest street with the surrounding area, created a huge public space between Novoslobodskaya street and Tverskaya street, and in early September we this public space will give Muscovites at leisure. There is created a large enterprise to conduct public entertainment investors the company is doing and at the end of the year it too will probably pass,» said he.

Biryukov reminded that this year work is underway on six large public spaces, including the passage from Lenin Avenue in Gorky Park.